Whining about academic drawing

O curse of the human race! O scourge of all novice artists!
Yes, I’m talking about academic drawing. Everything begins with him and ends with him. He’s a plug in every barrel.
How many times I tried to bypass him, but I always come back to him. Just a little – let’s remember Bammes’s book. Proportions, strokes, shadows. Anything that interferes with life and causes convulsive hatred.

But it was the courses of academic drawing that gave the result. The man became like a man, and not like the hero of the movie “The Fly”. Guys, we are damned by this misfortune. And if you can’t do people or some other garbage, watch the lessons. Endure, get mad – and the result will be. Even if you draw cartoons. Even if you draw stylizations … No, especially if you draw stylizations! I suffer with you.

And at this moment, I’m finishing this post – and I’m going to watch the next lessons. We are eternal students. The main thing is to believe in yourself, to see the goal. Nothing comes easy. Each has its own Calvary. And if we give up and give up everything, then we will simply become losers. Remember Major Payne? The engine that could …
And we can!

The main thing to look for is the study of proportions and basic shapes. And draw a lot, a lot! The brain will learn quickly, but the hand itself must remember what it is doing. See how others draw, watch streams. Chat in interest groups for invaluable advice. Sometimes some insignificant detail is missing for a rapid leap in the development of an artist! And never be afraid to ask. And everything will work out!