Luck is a myth. Vote for Loki!

The other day I distinguished myself with amazing luck – I broke my ring finger on my right foot. An accidental slip – and now the fingers swell and turn blue. Wow.

At the same moment I try to change my life for the better – but again I’m lucky: the right people don’t like me for some reason, and the moment for which we have been preparing for six months fails with a bang.

But there are also positive aspects – I remain at a stable job at a time when the whole world is shaken by Covid.

I was finally able to order myself a long-desired walking stick with a hidden blade – now I have a reason.

And of course, now I can watch movies until I’m blue in the face. And what is attached to this? That’s right, drawing.
And the themes are more fun than the other.
Oh yes, now I can play enough of the assassin – Rouge.

If, of course, there is still time between drawing and remote work.

And I must say, everything seems to have worked out perfectly, but at the same time against the background of a colossal bummer. So, am I lucky, or as Cormac says, luck is just a myth? I have no idea.
I just paint, work and move on. With a cane with a hidden blade.

Oh yeah, how could I forget … A new trailer for the series about Loki has been released! Exactly the day I predicted it on Twitter. Don’t believe me? Check out my entry from December 7th. I am that Nostradamus.

The link to my twitter is on the site. The only thing is that the tweet is in Russian, but everyone knows what it is about.

"Do you know what I'm going to paint for Tik-Tok? Ass made of Christmas trees. Because 2020 trailer for the movie 2021 # new year # 2020"

By the way, did everyone see Natasha on Vormir? Oh yes, I remember she was chatting with Loki when he fell into Fury’s trap. And apparently, he will remember this to her more than once. Mr. Trickster cheated everyone again. Alive, healthy, in the desert. And he is running for president, standing next to a clearly Russian man in a hat with earflaps. Sir, I have always believed in you. After all, you are my god).By the way, I looked at the reviews for Valhalla – a new game. Sincerely outraged by what they have done to the Cunning. How could you do something like that ??? Well, you could look for a better image ?! For example, a sly red-haired man, and not this wretched man ?! I sincerely hope that Mr. Trickster walks over them much better than they did on him. As I didn’t want to play this part, I remained unconvinced.