Hello! Thats i am. First Story.

Probably worth telling about yourself. I was born at a time when St. Petersburg was still Leningrad. Usually foreigners think that it was a terrible time, the terrible Soviet Union. Nothing like this. Now we remember this time with fondness. Everything was done for people, and even more so for children.

I went to kindergarten, then to school – and it was all free. Now it seems to be “free” too, but the number of levies for “curtains” is simply amazing.
What was possible then is almost impossible today. And it shaped my life in many ways.

The terrible Soviet Union allowed grandparents to go on vacation for a whole month! And it was at this time that my adventures began.

The time I spent in the country was not wasted. I watched nature, went hiking, read books. During the summer spent in Karelia, I learned more than during the winter in a big city. As a result – love for nature, adventure, stories and painting.

This was the beginning of my path as a biologist, writer and, at the same time, as a beginning artist