Dracula Coppola.

Perhaps my favorite movie. Victorian Aesthetics and Horror Aesthetics. Stunning costumes and a sea of ​​symbolism.

To begin with, the very history of a true prince-governor is very close to me in spirit. The genius who brought the collapsed country to full order. Oh, if only now we have such a Prince to impale corrupt officials! To flay every bribe-taker!

We suffer so much because of this. And just think, the golden bowl by the fountain, which no one dared to touch! Like the holy grail …
Enemies that feared his name alone!

Sometimes cruelty is more than justified and necessary.
But back to the film, to the beautiful romantic legend …
She made an indelible impression on me.
I still watch this amazing motion picture every two or three months.Every time I see something new, I notice some more details. It does not fit into my head that each pattern on clothes, each flower has its own meaning.

Well, I will honestly ask: what woman does not dream that a beautiful prince would appear and give her eternal life?
Drinking the blood of people while doing this? Oh, yes, I beg you, its deputies drink every day from the people and nothing, conscience does not torment.

I drew this art on a whim. The moment the count turns into a monster, into a half-man – half a bat. Why not Batman? He’s a hundred thousand times cooler.
And honestly, I always feel sorry for him at the end of the movie. Despite the fact that he was “cleansed” and reunited with his beloved in the afterlife. It seems like a happy ending, but something …
The sediment remained.Coppola, thank you for this immortal masterpiece! Thank you for your dreams, for your dreams and horror that chills your bones!