About fairies

Today I would like to talk about fairies. No, not the ones in the cartoons. About the real ones, living in the forest thicket, above the lake surface, in the sparks of a fire. Little keepers, good or bad. We don’t see them, but they see us. And it is thanks to them that we feel the holiday atmosphere. Have you noticed that children unconditionally believe in fairies, spirits, and magic? Maybe because adults can’t see them? Is it because you are too busy with your own problems?And children have enough time to look at this world. Nobody tells them that fairies and magic are nonsense. They have not yet forgotten how to be open to the world.At least I sincerely hope so. And every time I expect a dancing silhouette to appear in the tongues of flame, and a bursting, silvery laugh will be heard.

Remember with what delight we listened and read stories about these creatures? Remember the fairy Morgan? And the tooth fairy? And Peter Pan’s fairy friend? Although, adults often remember the Green Fairy living in Absinthe. But they do remember!But enough, you already remember all the magical creatures, just strain your memory, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, forget about business for a minute. New year is coming and the most magical time of the year. Right now it is worth turning around and watching the falling snowflakes with childish delight. Right now, you need to listen to see if there are strange sounds near the lanterns, reminiscent of the ringing of a bell.Here they are, next to them, here! You won’t find them in the bad news on TV. They are not there, in the abuse of the presidents. They are not in the burning spots of the world, they are not in enmity. These are not the same fairies, one should not confuse night creatures with bright wonders. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul. And somewhere something will surely tremble, somewhere next to the purr of a cat and a place where it smells of cinnamon and tangerines. It is there that you need to stay, and you will see how the world will become kinder, better, cleaner. This is light magic, friends. She did not leave you, you are leaving her. I beg you, remember this! Your Lord Corvus Loki.