A little about mysticism

I have one sin – I really love everything connected with mysticism, magic, otherworldly. At the same time, I am a rather fearful person. A couple of times in my life, I met face to face with the inexplicable – and then I endured fear. But this does not mean that I have ceased to be drawn to all the devilry. Would I agree to go on an expedition in search of monsters? No thanks. I’d rather take a look at what the survivors bring, and then study it under a microscope. But books and horror films – give more! Naturally, this is all reflected in my drawings. As a good friend told me – “Your drawings are always damn disturbing. You can draw a flower under a blue sky, but even then it will feel like a monster is hiding behind the grass.”I don’t think I should go to the doctor with this problem, but I should take it for granted and enjoy … Suspense? It seems that this is what is called, although I may be confusing concepts.In fact, I really love Disney cartoons, and I would like to draw in that style, but mysticism – the hand creates completely different things. Either witches, or Cthulhu, or some other bloody rubbish.

Well, I will not come out of a children’s illustrator, it’s time to put up with it. At the same time, I do not like S. King. But I think the films are very good. Astral? Yes, one of the favorites. Babadook, the curse of a nun, Exorcists of all kinds – that’s what I love. Demons, the restless, curses, mythology, chthonic creatures, vampires – for some reason an extremely attractive topic for me.