2021! Happy New Year!

And now, we are on the doorstep!
Unfortunately, I cannot update the site often – I was knocked down by the well-known covid-19. But I’m already on the mend, so I’m full of optimism.
I will not be able to go to the village to see my grandmother, but I will celebrate this holiday with my husband, cats, a dog and a ferret, and I will keep in touch with the rest. Our century allows it!

I want you to succeed in the new year. So that everyone is healthy, and the bull does not gore anyone. But remember – do not confuse a metal bull with a golden calf, otherwise at least one religion will be offended by you!

Well, you get me.

I do not want to remember all the offenders, and I do not advise you – it saves your health.
I wish you to wash your hands more often and ride the subway less – this is harmful to your health.
I wish you a wonderful, beloved job – it prolongs your life.

Let’s leave all worries, illnesses and strife in the old year. Let’s leave all the hate on any topic. Let’s put aside wars, hunger, pollution of nature. We are civilization, not cockroaches!
In general, I love you all, kiss you, and give you my unpretentious bull. From Russia with love).